Oh, hello.

I'm Sam Henri Gold, a designer based in New York City. Right now, I'm working with Lickability as a UX designer and student-ing at Parsons. You can find me @samhenrigold everywhere.


Helped get Buildwatch, a time-tracking utility for Xcode, from early concept to chart-topping app in under four months.

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Indie Sticker Pack

In collaboration with Nathan Lawrence, we organized a sticker exchange fundraiser featuring more than 100 other developers. We raised $10,000 for the World Health Organization and the Equal Justice Initiative during WWDC.

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Nighthawk for Twitter

Worked in collaboration with Nathan Lawrence to design an experience that makes social media a little more palatable. We created Nighthawk, a more personal Twitter app. 2,000 units sold in the first six months, we hit the top 3 on ProductHunt, and it's a recurring fixture in the App Store’s “Apps We Love Now” feature rotation.

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70 North

Our high school's morning show was falling to pieces. Viewer retention was tanking, the content was stale, and our team had no online presence whatsoever. Myself along with the teacher and two other student project managers restructured the media class for an ambitious goal: create a class that can produce ten pieces of original content per week. In a little under two years, the media department had completed its transition to a modern and wildly innovative arm. Platform launch coverage.

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